25 Ekim, 2009

Van Gogh: The Letters with Sketches (İngilizce İçerik)

(Van Gogh’un -artık herkesçe bilinen- mektuplarından (en geniş içeriği bu bağlantıda bulabilirsiniz) birkaç örnek var aşağıda. Birlikte verildikleri resimler ise -orijinallerinde olduğu gibi-, Vincent Van Gogh’un mektupları yazarken yanlarına iliştirdiği çizimlerden ibaret. Buradakinden daha fazla örneği BibliOdyssey adlı sitede bulabilirsiniz.)

  These are the sketches of Vincent van Gogh, which had been attached to his letters. You can access a larger database –all Van Gogh’s letters to his acquaintances- here in official page. This post has been inspired by BibliOdyssey.

  Four People on a Bench                               To Theo from The Hague, 1882 – September

Four people on a bench"Well, I hope that the small bench, even if not yet saleable, will show you that I have nothing against tackling subjects with something agreeable or pleasant about them, which are thus more likely to find buyers than things with a more sombre sentiment

I’m adding another to the small bench as a pendant, also a part of the woods. I drew the bench after a larger watercolour that I’m working on in which the tones are deeper, but I don’t know whether I’ll succeed in carrying it out or completing it. The other was done after a painted study.

There’s so much paint around that it has even got onto this letter — I’m working on the big watercolour of the bench. I hope it comes off, but the great problem is to retain detail with deep tone, and clarity is extremely difficult. Adieu again, a handshake in thought, and believe me.”

Ever yours,


Miners in the Snow Winter                       To Theo from The Hague, 1882 – October

Miners in the snow winter

“Imagine, this week to my great surprise I received a package from home — with a winter coat, warm trousers, and a warm lady’s coat. I was very touched.

The churchyard with the wooden crosses is often on my mind, so I may do some studies for it in advance – I would like to do something like that in the snow – a peasant funeral or the like. In short, an effect like the enclosed scratch of miners. Just to complete the seasons, I’m sending a scratch of spring and one of autumn with it, which I thought of while making the first. (…)

Adieu, and write as soon as you can, and believe me.”

Ever yours,

Man in a Village Inn
              To Theo from the Hague, 1883 – March

man in a village inn "Here’s a scratch, for example, that I did in that kind of daydream. It shows a gentleman who has had to spend the night at a village inn due to the late arrival of diligence or some such reason. Now he has risen early, and while he orders a glass of brandy for the cold he pays the innkeeper’s wife (a woman with a peasant’s cap). But it’s still very early in the morning, ‘the crack of dawn’, — he must catch the mail-coach — the moon is still shining and the glistening snow can be seen through the window of the taproom — and the objects cast oddly whimsical shadows.

This story is really nothing at all, and the scratch is nothing too, but from one thing and another you’ll perhaps understand what I mean, namely that of late everything had a je ne sais quoi that made one feel like scribbling it down on paper.

In short, the whole of nature is an inexpressibly beautiful Black and White exhibition when there are those snow effects." (…)

Adieu, with a handshake.

Ever yours,


- Van Gogh Letters

- BibliOdyssey



“Milyonlarca insanın hayranlığını toplayan, tabloları milyonlarca dolara satılarak rekorlar kıran Hollandalı ressam Vincent Van Gogh, iç dünyasında fırtınalar yaşamış bir sanatçıydı.

37 yaşında intihar eden Van Gogh'un bazı mektupları yeni ortaya çıkarıldı.

Yayıncılar resim dünyasında egemen olan Van Gogh imajını değiştirmeyi, ressamın çektiği iç eziyetlere ışık tutmayı amaçlıyor.” [BBC]


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