16 Aralık, 2008

Acı geçicidir, güzellik kalıcı…

Henri Matisse: “Auguste, why do you continue to paint when you are in such agony?”

Auguste Renoir: “The pain passes but the beauty remains.”

the theatre box - renoir
                        La Loge (The Theatre Box) – 1874
                               Pierre-Auguste Renoir
                                Tuval üzerine yağlıboya


- Çeviri

- Ibiblio


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  1. Dear Furkan,
    please to see my link in the home page: "List of Documents available in English language"!
    Your blog is very good.
    Thanks again,


  2. Hi Corrado,

    I see you put a link about that posts with English content. Many thanks.

    The important thing about what you are doing is, you are gathering the stuff about Slava which is hard to discover from one source. It can be hard to find all these links, videos or texts from many sources.

    And isn't it funny that while i'm suggesting you to give more English material, i'm writing all posts in Turkish? :)

    There were 2 things in my mind before the message which i' ve sent to your blog.

    1) put the Blog Roll widget
    2) if the post that i send is not written very complicated in Turkish, translate every of them to English with another blog.

    1) I'm starting with you
    2) http://theadolescent-eng.blogspot.com
    :) i started by the last post, new will arrive.
    Take care.

  3. Hi Furkan,
    I thank you for the link "Sviatoslav Richter Recordings and Videos" !
    Recently I decided to reorganise all Richter documents by "source"...It's very difficult. Happy to see you enjoy the blog. Please excuse my poor english... I really need to improve it! (can you understand?) Thanks again and I will follow your starting!


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