02 Eylül, 2012

Çocuk İşçiler Fotoğraf Serisi - Lewis Hine


Eagle and Phoenix Mill. "Dinner-toters" waiting for the gate to open. This is carried on more in Columbus than in any other city I know, and by smaller children... (LOC)Vance, a Trapper Boy, 15 years old. Has trapped for several years in a West Va. Coal mine. $.75 a day for 10 hours work...(LOC)The "Manly art of self-defense" Newsboys' Protective Association.  (LOC)Marie Costa, Basket Seller, 605 Elm St., Sixth St. Market, Cincinnati. 9 P.M. Had been there since 10 A.M. Sister and friend help her.  (LOC)Glass works. Midnight.  (LOC)A Little "Shaver," Indianapolis Newsboy, 41 inches high. Said he was 6 years old. Aug., 1908. Wit., E. N. Clopper.  (LOC)
Lunch Time, Economy Glass Works, Morgantown, W. Va. Plenty more like this, inside.  (LOC)Tenjeta Calone, Philadelphia, 10 years old. Been picking cranberries 4 years. White's Bog, Browns Mills, N.J. This is the fourth week of school and the people here except to remain two weeks more. Sept. 28, 1910. Witness E. F. Brown.  (LOC)Messenger boy working for Mackay Telegraph Company. Said fifteen years old. Exposed to Red Light dangers.  (LOC)Albernesi Family, 126 W. Eagle St. Left to right: Frank Albernesi, 5 years old. Libori Albernesi, 15 years old, Joseph Albernesi, 13 years old. Family goes to country in summer to pick fruit.  (LOC)Charlie Foster has a steady job in the Merrimack Mills. School Record says he is now ten years old. His father told me that he could not read, and still he is putting him into the mill. See Hine report.  (LOC)Four-year-old Mary, who shucks two pots of oysters a day at Dunbar. Tends the baby when not working... (LOC)
Little Fannie, 7 years old, 48 inches high, helps sister in Elk Mills. Her sister (in photo) said, "Yes, she he'ps me right smart. Not all day but all she can. Yes, she started with me at six this mornin'"... (LOC)Newsie, "flipping cars".  (LOC)Boys picking over garbage on "the Dumps." Boston. See 906-907.  (LOC)Pin boys in Les Miserables Alleys, Frank Jarose, 7 Fayette St., Mellens Court, said 11 years old, made $3.72 last week... (LOC)2 newsgirls.  (LOC)Young Cigarmakers in Englahardt & Co., Tampa, Fla. There boys looked under 14. Work was slack and youngsters were not being employed much... (LOC)
Manuel, the young shrimp-picker, five years old, and a mountain of child-labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Dunbar, Lopez, Dukate Company.  (LOC)11:30 A.M. Jennie Rizzandi, 9 year old girl, helping mother and father finish garments in a dilapidated tenement, 5 Extra Pl., N.Y.C. They all work until 9 P.M. when busy, and make about $2 to $2.50 a week... (LOC)Brown McDowell 12 year old usher in Princess Theatre. Works from 10 A.M. tp 10 P.M. Can barely read; has reached the second grade in school only. Investigator reports little actual need for earnings.  (LOC)Only 5 pupils present out of about 40 expected when beet work is over. School #1, Dist. 3, Ft. Morgan, Colo. Oct. 26/15, over five weeks after school opened. The poor attendance in all these schools is due, almost entirely to beet work.  (LOC)Interior of tobacco shed, Hawthorn Farm. Girls in foreground are 8, 9, and 10 years old. The 10 yr. old makes 50 cents a day. 12 workers on this farm are 8 to 14 years old, and about 15 are over 15 yrs. (LOC)Rhodes Mfg. Co., Lincolnton, N.C. Spinner. A moments glimpse of the outer world Said she was 10 years old. Been working over a year.  (LOC)

Child Labor & Lewis Hine, a set by The Library of Congress on Flickr.

  ABD Kongre Kütüphanesi'nin Flickr hesabına henüz eklenen bu fotoğraf seti, Amerikalı fotoğrafçı ve toplum bilimci Lewis Hine'ın Çocuk İşçiler isimli serisinden örnekleri içeriyor.

  Yirminci yüzyılın ilk yarısında işçiler, göçmenler ve çocuklarla ilgili kayda geçirdiği fotoğraflarla bilinen Hine, çocuk işçilerle ilgili örneklerini gördüğünüz eserlerin çoğunu 1908 yılında Ulusal Çocuk İşçiler Komitesi fotoğrafçısı olduktan ortaya çıkarmıştır. Detayları, fotoğrafların kendi sayfalarında bulabilirsiniz.


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